At Interedi we are aware of how important it is to think of ways of generating income before starting to think about specific technological solutions. For this reason, we supply the knowledge and experience of setting up and running different business models.

Sales Models. These are business models centered on sales of products or services. We find different types of them according to their position in the chain of creation of value of a product or service: manufacturer (the manufacturer offers his catalog directly on Internet), dealer (the dealer delivers the product or service to the customer), or intermediary (he brings buyers and vendors together, thus making the transactions possible, and often advises and guides). One example of this is, a business that Interedi created and developed, and now runs. sells cultural products, from books and disks to works of art.

Access Models. These models are based on the offer of a series of accessible contents, either through subscription (users pay periodic access quotas) or pay-per-view (the user pays as he/she consults or downloads content). Interedi created, and currently runs,, which includes the Grup Enciclopèdia Catalana's Hyperencyclopaedia. The Hiperenciclopèdia was the first on-line encyclopedia in Europe, and the second worldwide, and provides either individual or collective paying access to its content.

Traffic Models. Traffic models are surely the best known on Internet, given that they are based on capturing traffic to generate income through advertising (the insertion of banners and other similar methods), infomediation (recommendations or incentives in return for customers' details that can be resold in the form of listings), or association (income via a network of other websites that act as commission agents). Interedi has developed various services focused on capturing traffic, such as an Internet search engine or a dictionary.