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Interedi has great experience in the development of multimedia products, either for Internet or the CD-Rom medium. Technical expertise is accompanied if need be by that necessary for the suitable development of the content, thanks to a broad network of collaborators who cover the different areas of knowledge and the business world.

Some examples are:

Multimedia products on Internet, such as "Viatge per les Ciències Socials" (Journey through Social Sciences), developed for Internet in the XTEC Classroom (The Generalitat de Catalunya's Public Education Network), online multimedia teaching material.

CD-ROM with a virtual extension, such as "Curs d'economia per a no economistes" (An Economics Course for Non-Economists), a product on CD-ROM that provided access to the University of Barcelona's virtual campus.

Multimedia products on CD-ROM: Enciclopèdia Compacta, Món Interactiu (The Interactive World; world atlas), or the Enciclopèdia Documenta and the Enciclopèdia AVUI.